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Keys and Locks - all brands fitted and supplied

We have a large selection of all types of keys and locks to copy or by code..
• Yale
• Chubb
• Abloy
• Multilock
• Safe Stems and Keys

Simons Voss

The Digital Locking and Access Control System 3060 offers a secure and efficient alternative. The System 3060 comprises a transmitter, receiver, network and software which are controlled solely by radio frequency, without cables. Just press a button - and the door is unlocked.

Portadown Locksmiths  
Master Key Systems

At Portadown locksmiths we are able to provide our own unique Master Key suites for all types of customers who want added security for their properties. These customers include new developments, Landlords, public and private businesses and local governments/associations. The idea is that we keep a record of how many keys have been cut for a property and we do not cut any keys unless we have a written request from the property owners or the persons who initially requested the Master key suiting. The keys can not be cut by any other locksmiths.

Portadown Locksmiths  

Full range of new and re-furbished safes, all types available to meet your needs. Our Safe Engineers have been highly trained for after sales and maintenance. We are able to offer the following services:

• Install and Base Fix Safe
• Fit Timelocks
• Pick open with lock manipulation and impression
• Move Large Safes
• Large warehouse full of Second hand safes
• Safe Hire available

Invisible Fence (pet containment)

Invisible Fence is the leader in electronic pet containment. And that's partly due to an innovative series of products. Our Computer Collar and transmitters represent the very latest in digital technology all directed at protecting your pet.

Invisible Fence 101.
Here are the basics of Invisible Fence. Very simply, a transmitter sends a signal through a concealed antenna wire that defines the boundaries of your pet's safe area. Your dog wears a Computer Collar® that warns him when he is at the boundaries of the safe area. Our exclusive Safe Dog® training teaches your pet to retreat to a safe area when he hears the warning sound.

Avoid unsightly fences.
An Invisible Fence can be customized to fit properties ranging from 1/4 acre to more than 20 acres. All at a fraction of the cost of a traditional fence. Plus, unlike visible fences, Invisible Fence has the flexibility to go anywhere on your property - around trees, over steep hills and even underwater.

Invisible Fence also runs inside.
Outdoor Invisible Fence systems keep pets out of danger. We also offer Pet Keeper® systems to keep pets out of rooms like a nursery or an office. More precise protection is available if you want to keep a pet away from a countertop or off a table

Peace of mind comes standard.
Our products are owner-proven and time-tested. That's why professionally-installed Invisible Fence products come with a one-year, money-back performance guarantee. For added comfort, lifetime warranties are available on most products.

Auto Locksmiths

Opening all vehicles through lock manipulation and probing.

We can decode your vehicle system then recode the system and cut new keys for you, We can decode & recode the majority of all makes of vehicles. We also are Members of the Auto Locksmiths Association (ALA).

Digital Access control

• Magnetic lock systems
• Mantrap systems
• Mechanical & electrical access control
• Installation Service


The latest fully patented two-way system with many unique features. The patent is in force until 2020 and covers both UK and Ireland, enabling us to offer long lasting protection of keys. The DISKLOCK PRO and EXEC key registration systems have proved so successful we have decided on a similar one for ABLOY PROTEC. Again there are a choice of levels depending on your requirements.

Diamond Level
A high security key section with additional keys only available from ASL. Full details of registration must be provided (e.g. Official order and signatories) and will be checked thoroughly before additional keys are provided.

All ABLOY PROTEC Centres can use an exclusive keyway for locks supplied either individually keyed, keyed-alike or master keyed. Key cards can be issued at this level or the Centre can record all the registration criteria (keys will be marked for identification). Additional keys can only be provided by the Centre issuing the keys originally. Full protection plus local service is offered at this level.

Emerald Level
A similar level to Ruby with the original supplier providing additional keys. Keys are marked for identification and ASL should be contacted for guidance if the original source is unknown.

This level is normally used only for individual locks and key cards will be issued. The card can be presented to any ABLOY PROTEC Centre or ASL for additional keys to be provided.


Opening doors at Edenvilla Park

Driving past the picturesque Edenvilla Park you can´t help but notice "the big key" sculpture sited at the entrance ¯ and many of you are probably wondering what it is all about!

´Opening doors´ is the theme behind the sculpture, organised by Craigavon Borough Council, sponsored by Portadown Locksmiths and created by Molloy Engineering.

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